my30125 app making debut


Cedartown, Ga. – March 8, 2021– The City of Cedartown has rolled out a new mobile app designed to streamline issue reporting, bill paying and information gathering.

The app, named “my30125,” is available on both iPhone and Android systems. Once loaded to a mobile device, users can access current weather conditions, information regarding local governance and the City’s official online bill pay portal. In addition, users of the my30125 can report issues such as missed trash pick-up, potholes, water leaks and code violations.

The app features searchable categories that include local business listings, arts and entertainment venues, upcoming events, and dining options. Information on the City’s five public parks can also be found within the app, as well as Google directions to local facilities.

“We really wanted to bring the my30125 app to the public as a way to increase accessibility for our citizens and visitors,” said Oscar Guzman, director of Economic Development. “The app is one centralized location on your phone where you can see contact information for various departments, direct access to the official bill pay portal, and issue reporting capabilities. The One Door Polk directory is listed along with various Polk County offices which will help folks find the appropriate local assistance quickly.”

The application affords everyone who downloads it complete and total anonymity, said Guzman. There is an option for residents using the app to create a profile so that reports can include contact information, but it is not required. There is no personal or identifying data collected that isn’t submitted by the end-user.

The app is the latest technological feature the City has added to its information line-up over the last several years. The City has an official website,, a City of Cedartown Facebook page, a City of Cedartown Twitter account, and a YouTube channel.