Linda Liles wins Polk County Commission runoff Tuesday

From Polk Today:

The run-off for the District 2 seat is over, and Commissioner Linda Liles will continue her service for the next two years having won out in the race to open the month of December.

Liles won out over challenger and former Commissioner Ricky Clark in a 976-440 victory with a low turnout for the run-off from the November 3 general election.

“I am honored and blessed that the voters of Polk County have given me the opportunity to continue serving for the next two years,” Liles said.

Liles added that she was ready to get down to business with several items, from expanding economic development and work opportunities to finding solutions for rural broadband.

She has served as an appointee for the past eight months in office, and now takes over the remainder of the time that was left in the term.

Liles, who serves a Congressional Aide for Congressman Tom Graves and is set to continue her service to Marjorie Greene when she takes over the 14th Congressional District seat later this year. She is also a local owner of a farm as well.

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