County planning and zoning to review riding arena request

Polk County Board of Commissioners

The Polk County Planning and Zoning Board is set to meet on Thursday of this week and will be considering an application for a special use permit for a 17 acre riding arena planned for land on Raiford Road.

According to the application filing, the land is currently zoned as A-1 for agriculture use.

Simon Pizano Cruz, the property owner, said in the application that his plans are to construct a metal riding arena with a clear span width of 160 feet, with no interior columns to allow for unobstructed riding.

Cruz said he plans to host a rodeo each month and rent out the arena at other times.

The planning and zoning board will meet at 6:00 p.m. Thursday.

Their recommendation will then be forwarded to the full board of commissioners for a public hearing and final vote in September.

Click for the special use permit application