Bond set for Bowman at $200,000

Polk County Standard Journal

Bond was set for a man accused of a 2017 murder, but he remained behind bars as of press time on two charges.

Roe Dale Bowman, arrested in March on a grand jury indictments in the case, saw his bond set by Superior Court Judge Michael Murphy at $200,000 during a May 1 hearing to get the case moving in court.

Bowman, who last May was jailed and later released on a felony gun charge, is almost a year later facing malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony charges.

Polk County Police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested Bowman on March 23 following indictments from the latest impaneling of the grand jury the days prior to his being jailed a second time.

Polk County Police Detective Josh Smith said the investigation continued throughout the year into the murder of Tammy Wolfe in early April 2017 in Polk Memory Gardens.

Bowman has been in jail for more than 40 days as of press time.

The next hearing date wasn’t immediately available either, but more developments are expected in the case in the weeks to come.