Traffic signal going up at CHS this week

A long awaited project appears to be getting off the ground at Cedartown High School. Crews were at the intersection of Frank Lott Drive and Rockmart Highway Wednesday installing a traffic light which is expected to be operational before the week is over. Cedartown City Commissioners approved the action of installing the light at a meeting a few months back. The light will be a peak hour variable traffic signal that will only be fully operational during morning rush and afternoon school release. The light is being installed at a cost of close to $36,000. The city has requested reimbursement for a third of the cost from both the Polk County Commission and the Polk School District. Neither of the boards have yet agreed on sharing the cost. The project estimate of $35,798 includes: timing controller, $4,000; timber poles, $3,675; guy wire and anchor, $820; span wire mounts, $1,375; concrete, $1,000; signal loop, installed in asphalt, $1,900; and signal equipment, $8,500. The remainder of the bid consists of excavation work and related costs of erecting the traffic light.