Area officers resign over steriod scandal

Two Polk County Police officers and a Cedartown Police Officer have resigned after an investigation into illegal steroid use. According to Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd, 41 year old John Garrett and 27 year old Shawn Bates, both of Silver Creek resigned effective September 21 in lieu of termination. Cedartown Assistant Police Chief Jamie Newsome confirmed that Cedartown PD officer 36 year old Scott Couch of Cedartown also resigned in lieu of being terminated on October 5. Initial investigations found that both Bates and Garrett ordered ingredients to manufacture anabolic steroids. After interrogations, Dodd contacted an outside agency to conduct an investigation. The Rome Police Department found enough evidence to remove both officers from the force. Newsome said that Couch admitted to having provided a single vial of injectable testosterone to Garrett. Garrett then reportedly provided the testosterone – which is a Schedule III controlled substance – to Bates. Further action is likely by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. Dodd said the results of the two investigations have been forwarded to the POST Council. The Council may revoke the certification of these officers, place them on probation, also called suspended certification, or decide to take no further action against them.