T-Shirts supporting Cedartown’s first responders on sale; portion of sales to benefit departments


Local residents can now purchase T-shirts designed to show support for Cedartown’s first responders.

Created by The Cedarstream Company, the T-shirts feature vibrant graphics in support of both the Cedartown Police Department and the Cedartown Fire Department. The shirts are $15 each and for every shirt purchased, Cedarstream will give $5 back to the respective department.

“It’s a great way to show support for our men and women that serve the public every day. It’s a morale booster for us to be out in the community and see folks wearing these shirts,” said Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome. “The fact that Cedarstream is giving back a portion of the sales makes this effort even better.”

There are two designs to choose from, one features a shield and eagle, the other has an American flag motif. Shirts can be purchased from Cedarstream’s online store by typing http://stores.cedarstream.com/cedartown_emergency into your web browser.