Repo man arrested for hit-and-run

A repo man faced a felony charge of hit-and-run Monday night after police say he ran over a woman. Floyd County police said 41-year-old Calvin Wade of Rome, failed to stop after he repossessed a truck belonging to the woman’s son. Police said the case was under investigation to see if Wade even had the right paperwork to repossess the truck. T.J. Ferguson said his mother, 41-year-old Tina Ferguson, also had a broken pelvis bone, broken hip and internal injuries from the incident Sunday night. Ferguson said the incident happened when a man came to their home to repossess his truck. Ferguson said his mother tried to intervene when she saw Wade towing away the truck. Floyd County police said Tina Ferguson was on the road, went up to the tow truck and asked to see the repossession papers when the tow truck driver pulled forward. The woman’s son, T.J. Ferguson said that the truck left after running over his mother. Investigators said they found Wade on the highway, arrested him and charged with hit-and-run. Wade’s boss said Wade feared for his safety. Police said they were still investigating those claims and whether or not Wade had legitimate paperwork for the repossession, which ultimately they say won’t change his responsibility. James Garrett, who owns the towing company, said Wade was suspended from his job until the investigation is complete. Tina Ferguson’s family said the woman was being treated at Erlinger Medical Center in Chattanooga.