Cedartown man arrested for cocaine possession

Cedartown officers, along with assistance from other local and national agencies, attempted to execute an arrest warrant at a Herbert St. residence on June 10. During the incident, 27 year old Daryl Bernard Wofford of Cedartown, took flight out the rear door in an attempt to elude officers. While giving chase, Wofford threw an object into a yard and continued to run south towards Stubbs Street. U.S. Marshals caught Wofford in an area between Ware and Stubbs streets. The object Wofford threw was also recovered. The object turned out to be a set of digital scales with suspected cocaine residue on them. Wofford was charged with a felony count of cocaine possession, a felony count of possession of tools for the commission of a crime and a misdemeanor count of obstruction of an officer. Wofford was arrested and booked at the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.