Polk County Drug Task Force releases 2018 stats

Cedartown Press Release

The Polk County Drug Task Force (DTF) has released their statistical information for the year 2018.

The task force reports that 156 individuals were arrested in 2018. The month of November had the highest number of arrests at 32. Twenty-five search warrants were executed and 101 agency assists were requested. Cedartown Police Chief and DTF spokesman Jamie Newsome explained that agency assists occur when an agency in Polk County calls the drug task force for a consultation on how to proceed in a case. “Let’s say an officer from the Cedartown Police Department pulls over a motorist and some sort of drug infraction is suspected. That officer can request an agency assist, and the drug task force will respond to that officer’s call for assistance. That is a great example of teamwork,” Newsome said.

2018 statistics show that 414 surveillance operations took place and nine weapons were seized. “Every illegal firearm we seize from the criminal element is a gun that will not be used in a future crime,” Newsome said.

The Polk County Drug Task Force would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance and support: the Georgi Bureau of Investigation, the Polk County District Attorney’s Office, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Cedartown Police Department, the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, the Polk County Police Department, the Rockmart Police Department and the Rome-Floyd County Drug Task Force. Anyone with drug-related information is encouraged to come forward and share the information by calling the task force at 678-901-4644 or via email at pcdtf@polkga.org. All information will be held in confidence and all issues the public has will be taken seriously.