Police beefing up presence, asking residents to stay alert after uptick of vehicle entries

Cedartown, Ga. – June 23, 2015: The Cedartown Police Department asks residents to keep an eye out for unusual activity after numerous vehicle entries have been reported.

According to Assistant Police Chief Greg Cooper, many of the reports are concentrated on the north end of town, but not all. The vehicles do not appear to have been physically broken into. The incidents appear to be a case of someone gaining quick access, like opening an unlocked door, to easily-spotted visible valuables located inside, he explained.

Most of the stolen items have already been recovered by police, Cooper said. The reports show a pattern of the crimes taking place in the late evening and early morning hours. Vehicles targeted have been parked in driveways and in residential areas.

“We’re asking residents to stay alert and call 911 about anything that looks or sounds suspicious,” Cooper said. “We’re also asking folks to double-check and make sure you lock your car doors before going inside.” While the police are asking residents to be extra-vigilant, officers are increasing patrols in the area most affected as well.

Cooper asks anyone with information on these crimes to please contact Detective Chris Reed at the Cedartown Police Department at 770-748-4123.