Home burglarized while owner was on vacation

A local resident returned from vacation to find his house broken into with numerous items taken valued at almost $3,000. Cedartown officers were dispatched to the Fairview Ave. residence after the complainant entered the burglarized home. Police reported that the residence was in total disarray. The point of entry appeared to be a screen door to a back porch that had been cut. The back door to the home was also damaged and appeared that it was kicked in. Items stolen from the house were a 42 inch television, a DVD player, a Playstation 2, a .22 Magnum revolver, four cell phones, as well as numerous other items. The complainant called police back to tell them it appeared the suspects had driven his Honda Accord. The complainant reported damage on the driver’s side rear bumper area, and noted that the battery was dead also. Police were able to lift fingerprints from the driver and passenger sides of the car. In total, 37 items were inventoried with a listed value of $2,896.