Vandalism in Rockmart, police continue to investigate

Rockmart police are investigating a rash of vandalism incidents occurring over the weekend in which approximately 27 cars suffered damage. Police Chief Keith Sorrells said most of the incidents were in the Goodyear Village, specifically Clearwater Street, 1st and 3rd Avenues. However, he said others reported similar damage in North Marble, Hogue and Pearl Streets. The first report came in around 3:20 a.m. Friday. Other reports indicate that some are throwing canned food items at windows to break them and Sorrells said there was one case where someone poured salad dressing into a gas tank. The latest round of incidents featured paint being stroked, splattered and poured on cars. The police chief said nothing was taken from any of the cars. Sorrells said police are theorizing that the damage is being done by juveniles out of school with nothing better to do. However, he is quick to say they don’t know that for sure. The police chief said the vandals would face some serious consequences if they were caught. Sorrells asks that anyone with any information call 770-684-6558 or 911 to assist in the investigation.