German program slashed; concentration now on virtual learning

Superintendent William Hunter

Despite appeals from the public and a show of support from several students, school officials have decided to continue to move forward with cutting the German language program at Cedartown High School.

During Tuesday’s school board meeting, former German teacher Scott McAninch brought forth a presentation on the accomplishments of the program implored the board and superintendent to reconsider their decision.

The German program fell victim to a Reduction in Force plan back in May, according to Polk Schools Superintendent William Hunter.

“I did talk with Dr. Weatherington, the principal, and after reviewing the numbers and the situation, we have decided that we are going to go forward without the German program,” said Dr. Hunter.

“Students certainly will have an opportunity to take not only German, but other languages through virtual ways at our high school.”

He says following a final review and a lengthy executive session Tuesday night with the school board, the decision was finalized.

While the decision means that there will be no German class offered, Hunter says that students will have an opportunity to take German through virtual means using digital technology.

Additionally, Hunter says the Spanish program will remain intact.

“We’ll keep our Spanish program in place since we do have the numers to support that,” said Hunter.

“Students will have an opportunity to take Chinese or Japanese or whatever, as some of those languages are very important to our students when they move on to higher education.”

Hunter says the original reason for cutting the German program and the teaching position was based on the numbers in the program, which he says have been steadily declining over the past couple of years.