Georgia Highlands to make drastic cuts

Georgia Highlands College president Randy Pierce was very emotional speaking to his staff on Friday. GHC was told by that it had to cut $2.4 million from its fiscal year 2011 budget.The cuts include closing the Douglasville and Paulding County sites. The $2.4 million cut for FY 2011 is similar in size to the budget cuts that took place last year. Taken together, GHC has had its budget cut by about 15%. The proposed cuts at GHC include:

  • Ceasing all operations at the new Douglasville site by June 30
  • Phasing out the dental hygiene program after the spring of 2010, but those who are currently enrolled will be allowed to complete the program. No new students will be admitted beginning in the fall of 2010.
  • Eliminating the Nursing Task Force program through a reduction of 30 nursing student admissions beginning in the fall of 2010.
  • Ceasing all operations at the Paulding County site by June 30.
  • Eliminating all funding for library collections.
  • Reducing counseling and disability services by three student support positions
  • Consolidating administrative processes, thus eliminating the function of Budget and Accounts payable.
  • Reducing advertising and promotion expenditures including all print publications to students.
  • Transferring the remaining Student Life personnel and expenses to the Student Activity budget.
  • Consolidating the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Services eliminating the VP for Student Services position.
  • Eliminating Physical Education as a requirement of the core curriculum and close the department.
  • Eliminating one position in the College Advancement Department.

The plan was submitted to the Board of Regents Saturday and a final decision regarding the cuts is expected to be made today.