Former Heflin police chief to go to court to get his job back

HEFLEN, ALA. (WCKA) – Ousted Heflin Police Chief Ty Payne is expected to take his fight to regain his job to the federal courts this week.  Payne was dismissed Friday on a 4 to 2 vote of the Heflin City council after Mayor Anna Berry cited Payne with three charges of insubordination.  Berry said Friday that the charges stemmed from how the chief organized the departments work schedule.  Berry said that after Payne refused to place some officers on desired shifts, she turned the scheduling responsibilities over to City Clerk Terri Daulton. The recent firing came after the mayor tried unsuccessfully in March to dismiss Payne but the council voted in April to reinstate him.  Payne said Friday that he felt the councils vote to dismiss him was unfair.