Financial report shows positives for Cedartown

City Manager Bill Fann

Some good news was presented to the Cedartown City Commission Monday night as they heard a positive report from the city auditor in regards to fiscal year 2013.

With the economy stabilizing and revenues becoming more prevalent, the financial pictures for the city is headed in the right direction.

City manager Bill Fann says so far this year, the city has not had to dive into a Tax Anticipation Note to fund the operations of the city, something he says is extremely pleasing.

“Last year, we were able to operate throughout the year by using only one forth of that Tax Anticipation Note,” said Fann.

“This year through July, I believe we will get a lot farther and we haven’t used any of the TAN, and unless something severe happens, we won’t use it at all.”

Fann says while things are getting better for the budget, the city still has some ways to go.

“We’re in good shape with the budget at this point, just about where we need to be,” Fann said.

“We’re going to stay with the plan and accomplish our goal.”

Commissioners also approve conditions of an ARC grant application from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development for $300,000 to help offset the cost of constructing the new sewer line for the new Polk Medical Center and to improve a lift station on the line.

Commissioners also approved the purchase of two new Ford Police Interceptors for the police department, accepting the bid from local dealer Riverside Auto Group.