Cedartown Police Department parking lot now a camera-monitored “MeetUp” spot for Internet purchases


The front parking area of the Cedartown Police Department is now an official “MeetUp” location, under video surveillance 24 hours a day.

This MeetUp location, coined by the popular sell/buy/swap all called OfferUp, was an option that Chief Jamie Newsome wanted to provide Cedartown residents. With the rise of Internet buying and selling, the police department felt that offering a public space, continually under video surveillance, builds in an added layer of safety.

“We would always warn someone to use extreme caution when agreeing to meet an Internet seller in person. Agreeing to meet at a private residence or an area that is secluded is setting the stage for what could be a personal safety issue. We encourage folks to take advantage of this MeetUp spot, knowing that their transaction will be recorded and therefore safer,” Newsome said. “But we’re still advocates of using the commonsense rule that if a buyer or seller sets off a red flag in your mind, then it’s best to just move along and not go through with that transaction.”

The area that is under surveillance is marked with a green sign, donated by the OfferUp company. It is installed directly in front of the police department at 118 Philpot Street. In case of an emergency, residents should always call 9-1-1. “The camera adds a layer of protection, however, if you feel if your personal safety is in danger, you should always call 9-1-1,” Newsome said.