Cedartown City Commission meets Monday

Commissioners Larry Odom, Scott Tillery, & John Barrett sworn in to new terms Monday night at regular session
Commissioners Scott Tillery, Larry Odom, & John Barrett sworn in by Judge Richard Sutton to new terms Monday night at regular session

Cedartown City Commissioners Monday chose their 2010 chair and vice chair during their regular session at Cedartown City Hall. Commissioner Dale Tuck nominated current chair Larry Odom to serve as chair for the New Year. Seconded by Commissioner Gary Martin, the appointment was made official. Also, Commissioner Scott Tillery nominated John Barrett to serve as chair pro-tem. Gary Martin seconded and the measure passed. In other business, the commission held a public hearing on the proposed opportunity zone for a 16 acre area on Wissahickon Avenue close to the GEO plant. With no one speaking for or against the resolution. The matter was later voted on by the commission and passed unanimously. City attorney Mike McRae says that the reason for this designation is to support industry in that area and to give them state incentives to create more jobs. Commissioners also decided to begin renovations for the Women’s Building. City Manager Charles Akridge told commissioners that the low bid of $22,818 would be considered. Commissioner Tillery voiced his concern of the cost of paint and that the low bid may not cover all costs. The measure passed 3 to 4 with Tillery abstaining from the vote. Akridge says that the renovations to that historical structure will be quite extensive.