Two women arrest for stealing vodka; male suspect still at large

Two women are under arrest after they are alleged to have stolen a bottle of liquor from an area beverage store, and police say they are currently searching for a male suspect who was with the women at the time of the theft. According to Cedartown police, an employee said that the two white females and the white male came in the store and bought one bottle of liquor. However, one female placed a bottle of vodka in her jacket and left without paying for it. An officer with the Cedartown Police Department recognized on of the females as he reviewed surveillance footage. Police later arrested 22 year old Barbara Jean Chastain of a Ledbetter Road address and 42 year old Betty Norris of a Bethlehem Road address in Rockmart. The man’s identity is not known at this time. The two women were each charged with misdemeanor theft by shoplifting.