Tuition on the rise again at GA colleges and universities

The Georgia Board of Regents approved a tuition hike for next school year. The board voted to increase tuition between 4 and 16 percent for many of the students at one of the 35 public colleges and universities. At research universities like Georgia Tech, University of Georgia and Georgia State University, tuition will be $3,535 per semester, up from $3,035. At other campuses like Georgia Southern University and Kennesaw State University, students will pay $2,298 per semester, up $300. Students at two-year colleges, like Georgia Highlands, will pay $50 per semester more, with tuition rising to $1,199. The first group of students coming off the fixed 4-year program will see massive increases. Students who do not graduate in four years will pay an additional 34 percent. Students who do not graduate in four years from Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia will see an increase of $1589 per semester which amounts to an 81 percent increase.