Transit to continue in Cedartown

The Cedartown City Commission met in special session at 6 Thursday evening. Items on the agenda include discussion of a proposal to continue public transit in the City of Cedartown which was approved. The countywide transit system ends effective June 30. The city was required to let its transit system expire because the Polk County government started up its own countywide transit system. The commission voted to hold a public forum on a proposed new contract with the Georgia Department of Transportation. The public hearing will be held preceding the regular monthly meeting of the commission, which is 7 p.m. Monday, July 13. Also on the agenda is the status of a long-delayed paving project on Davis Road, which the city decided to enter into with the county. The commission also heard a request from Larry Tolbert, who is planning to hold a “Tea Party” in Cedartown. The “Tea Party,” or “taxed enough already party,” will be held on July 4 from 11:30 to 12:30 in the afternoon. The commission approved Tolbert’s request during their called meeting Thursday night.