Three critically injured; one airlifted after 5 car pileup near Walmart


From Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome:

At approximately 1326 hours CPD officers along with CFD Fire/Rescue and Redmond EMS were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on West Rome Hwy at Walmart.  911 reported a possible entrapment/injuries.

Officers and Rescue personnel arrived at approximately 1331 hours. Five vehicles were involved in the motor vehicle accident with one vehicle, a Chrysler Sebring, turned over on its roof. The driver of the Chrysler was extracted from the vehicle by CFD Rescue and Redmond EMS.  The driver of the Chrysler ( Linda Beall 68 YOA W/F ) suffered apparent head injuries and was airlifted from the scene.  No other injuries were reported as a result of the accident.  Two vehicles were removed from the scene by wrecker services, three were driven from the scene by occupants.

On initial review of the evidence from the scene and witness testimony it appears that Beall had been driving her vehicle south bound on W. Rome Hwy as the traffic light at the intersection of Walmart was red and traffic was slowing to a stop or stopped.  Bell appeared to begin breaking approximately 181 feet prior to her vehicle’s point of rest, striking a vehicle in the left lane, flipping onto the roof of her vehicle, and striking another vehicle in the left lane before sliding into another vehicle in the right lane which knocked that vehicle into the rear of the vehicle ahead of it.

The south bound roadway remained closed from officers arrival until our departure at approximately 1530 hours.  The north bound lanes were closed for a period of time while a landing zone was established for the helicopter on West Rome Hwy between Main Street and the Walmart entrance.