Snow accumulations of up to 2″ are possible

Polk County and several other metro counties has been placed in a Winter Weather Advisory until Saturday evening.

Snow, sleet and even some freezing rain is all possible for the area tonight and into Saturday morning.

“According to all the indications we’re getting from the National Weather Service, it will be later on this evening or tonight before we see any snow or ice,” said Randy Lacey, Polk County Public Safety Director.  “It will be mostly snow starting somewhere in the neighborhood of 7:00 or 8:00.”

Pictures are already flooding social media of snow in the northeast Georgia mountains and even into the far reaching metro suburbs.

Reports were coming in of flurries in the Cherokee County and Cobb County areas as of 5:00 p.m. today.

Lacey urges fire safety when heating your home with alternate methods in the event of a power failure.  He says to avoid using kerosine heaters indoors without proper ventilation and not to use grills inside structures.

Stay with WGAA throughout the evening for the latest forecasts from the WGAA Weather Center and Meteorologist John Weatherby.