Sidewalk Improvements in the Works for Cedartown

The Georgia Department of Transportation and the State Transportation Board are paving the way for sidewalk improvements in the city of Cedartown, Polk County. Georgia DOT recently approved the preparation of a city contract covering the reconstruction of sidewalks on two streets in Cedartown.

“The Georgia DOT is committed to providing a pedestrian friendly environment in all our cities and towns,” Georgia DOT Commissioner Keith Golden said. “The approved sidewalk improvements will certainly enhance the safe mobility of Cedartown’s residents.”

While contract preparation has begun, construction cannot begin until the contract has been signed and a work order issued.

The project includes 0.19 mile of sidewalk improvements on Main Street from East Avenue to Noyes Street, and on Grace Street from W Main Street to South College Street in the city of Cedartown.

“The State Board of Transportation shares with pride the ability of Cedartown and Polk County to meet the demand of maintaining safe mobility for all their residents,” said State Transportation Board Member Jeff Lewis. Lewis who represents Georgia’s Eleventh Congressional District, including Polk County, has been instrumental in gaining approval for this project.

Funding for this project comes from the Georgia DOT’s Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) Program, which allows local governments to decide the types of project that are most beneficial to their local jurisdictions. Every year, Georgia DOT notifies local governments to submit requests for their local transportation needs. Funding for LMIG is allocated each fiscal year and is between 10 and 20 percent of the funding from the state motor fuel taxes collected in the preceding fiscal year. Funds for projects are distributed to local governments by a formula based on population and local road mileage. Funds can be rolled over for three fiscal years to assist with funding more expensive projects. LMIG funds can only be used on improvements for roads and bridges within county, city or state rights-of-way. Eligible projects include—but are not limited to—safety, economic development, sidewalk, maintenance and bridge.

In addition to its primary responsibility to provide for the safety, maintenance and growth of Georgia’s federal and state highway system, the Department of Transportation assists cities and counties in the care and expansion of local roads and streets. Through its Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants (LMIG) program – formerly the State Aid and the Local Assistance Road (LARP) programs – Georgia DOT has given cities and counties nearly $860 million during the past decade.

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