Sheriff warns of phone scam where callers impersonate sheriff’s deputies

A phone scam has made its return to the Polk County area this week as numerous reports have flooded into the sheriff’s office about those fake solicitations.

According to Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats, someone claiming to be a Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy has been calling numerous residences and demanding money or they will go to jail.  Particularly that they failed to show up for jury duty and a warrant was out for their arrest.

Sheriff Moats says his department will never call anyone and ask for money and arrest warrants aren’t usually issued for those who miss jury duty.

Often, the scammers would ask for several hundred dollars to be transferred to a Green Dot card.  That fact should also raise a warning flag, according to Moats.

Sheriff Moats urges those who get calls to please report them.

Recently, a nationwide investigation led to a Georgia state prison where cell phones had been smuggled in to inmates.  Those inmates would call unsuspecting people and scam them into putting money on their jail accounts using their Green Dot card.

Sheriff Moats asks everyone to share the information about this scam to all their friends and family.