Records set during the 15th annual Cedartown 5K Roadrace

Cedartown 5K Road Race 2014

Hundreds turned out Tuesday for the 15th annual Cedartown 5K Wheelchair Training Camp.

Race fans were treated to a record finish in the women’s/quad race.

Tatyana McFadden of Clarksville, MD set a new record finishing first with a time of 11:14.26.

Finishing second in the women’s race was Amanda McGrory of Savoy, Illinois at 11:36.84, followed by Susannah Scaroni of Champaign, Illinois in third with a time of 11:37.82.

Finishing first in the open quads race was Raymond Martin, also of Champaign, Illinois with a time of 11:48.12.

Joshua George took first with a time of 10:07.27 in the Men's Open Division

In the men’s open division, it was another Champaign, Illinois resident taking first place.

Joshua George took first with a time of 10:07.27.  In second, it was Aaron Pike of Urbana, Illinois at 10:11.04.

Taking third was hometown hero Krige Schabort with a finish time of 10:15.22.

In the masters division, Matthew Davis of Bowling Green, Kentucky took first place at 10:28.12.

Many of the athletes head to Atlanta to take part in the Peachtree Road Race on Friday.