PSD approves six furlough days for 2010-2011 year

A large crowd of citizens turned out for Tuesdays PSD Board of Education Meeting
A large crowd of citizens turned out for Tuesday's PSD Board of Education Meeting

The Polk School District Board of Education voted Tuesday to approve six furlough days for the 2010-2011 school year during their regular meeting. Superintendent Marvin Williams said that while this is a choice the board does not want to make, he said it is the only responsible choice. Williams went on to say that at this time the furloughs will affect all employees. Also on the agenda was a recommendation from the superintendent to proceed with an RFP for food service. That measure passed by a slim 6-3 vote with board members Bettie Fay Lewis, Tommy Sanders, and John Stone voting no. Williams said that this RFP or request for proposal is not a decision to outsource food service. The board also tabled a recommendation to reduce the school resource officers from 4 to 2. That will be revisited at the board’s special session coming up on Monday, May 24.