Polk County 8th graders take part in “Reality Fair”

CMS 8th graders at the real estate booth at Wednesdays Reality Fair at Rockmart High School.
CMS 8th graders at the real estate booth at Wednesday's "Reality Fair" at Rockmart High School.

The Polk School District’s Career, Technical, and Agricultural Department held their second annual “Reality Fair” for Polk County’s 8th grade students. Students were given a paystub representing a month’s wages from a job. They then visited booths depicting housing, insurance, groceries, utilities, and other living expenses. The students would have money deducted from their check to pay for real world expenses to show them the costs of living. The fair was held in the upper gym at Rockmart High School on Wednesday. Polk School District CTAE Director Katie Couch says that the success of the CTAE program lies with the teachers and support from the school district. Cedartown Middle School 8th graders participated in the event Wednesday morning and Rockmart’s 8th graders took part in the fair in the afternoon.