No action taken in emergency board meeting Saturday following Friday incident at Westside Elem.

The Polk School District Board of Education met in an emergency session on Saturday morning at the offices of McRae, Smith, Peek, Harman and Monroe in regards to an incident involving Superintendent Dr. Darrell Wetherington.

The board took no action at the meeting, but will meet again in a special session on Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at Polk School District central office.

Cedartown Police were called to Westside Elementary School Friday after a report came in that Superintendent Dr. Darrell Wetherington was with Jennifer Wetherington, his estranged wife, inside her classroom at the school.

The two are in the middle of a divorce, according to the report.

The school resource officer was called when Ms. Wetherington indicated that she was not comfortable with him being there. At that point, another resource officer arrived and questioned Dr. Wetherington on the incident.

He stated to the officer that Ms. Wetherington had asked him to bring him something to drink, and had done what she had asked.  Upon further questioning, she confirmed this to the officer.

The officer asked if she felt threatened and she replied that she did not feel threatened, but felt like he should not be there.

Dr. Wetherington then asked if he could “finish the conversation” he was having with Ms. Wetherington. She agreed and they were allowed to conclude their conversation while the children were in recess.

After he left the classroom, Wetherington stated to the officer that he didn’t understand why people were so concerned and why he was being followed by the police. He then said that he would be contacting school board members about the situation.

No charges were filed, according to the report.

The incident comes in the wake of allegations of professional misconduct made against the superintendent that apparently occurred while he was principal at Cedartown High School. Those allegations came to light in mid-January, after the school board attorney Michael McRae launched an investigation into the matter.