Murder trial of John Paul Jones enters its second day

John Paul Jones

The State began presenting its case against John Paul Jones Tuesday in Polk Superior Court, calling several witnesses involved in the investigation.

Jones is alleged to have fatally shot former Polk County Police officer Michael Robinson numerous times outside of Jones’ residence on Fair Oaks Rd in August of this year.

The State interviewed the Georgia Bureau of Investigation deputy medical examiner who performed the criminal autopsy on Robinson.  During the testimony, it was shown that there were three, possibly four different gunshot wounds, with two of them being lethal.  The subject of trajectory of the bullet was also brought up by the State, trying to establish in which manor Robinson was shot.

The State also called two Cedartown Police officers to the stand, a detective and a patrol officer.  Both testified to their involvement in the incident upon their arrival that night.  The police interview of John Paul Jones was also played in court for the jurors.

Polk County Coroner Tony Brazier was also called to the stand to explain proper protocol in the evidence chain when dealing with a dead body and preserving forensic evidence.

State testimony will continue today in Polk Superior Court.