Mixed Feelings on New Region Alignment

        There were opposite reactions that came from each side of the county as the GHSA released new region alignments for the next three years.

        Cedartown is pleased with the new alignment, as they will continue to play several familiar opponents and even a few new ones that are close by.

        Cedartown High School Principal Hal David pointed out that principals from each school in the region will meet and vote on the scheduling for the region.

        The options would be a straight region schedule or a sub-region schedule with cross-over games, and several other non-region games.

        Cedartown would obviously be in favor of a schedule that would allow them to schedule non-region games, in order to continue the cross county rivalry with Rockmart.

        The scheduling also has major financial implications for a small school like Cedartown. Head football coach Scott Hendrix stated, “Not playing Rockmart will cost us a lot of money.”

        On the other side of the county, Rockmart is not so pleased with their new region and they will be taking their case to the GHSA officials on December 19.

        School officials will argue that the new alignment hurts them in regard to travel and finances. They will request to be moved to Region 5-AAA.

        Teams have until December 16 to file an appeal, and all regions will be finalized in January.