Man jailed in connection with beating in Lindale

From WRGA News:

A Cedartown man was jailed on Tuesday evening after he allegedly beat a man.

According to a Floyd County Jail report, 30-year-old Corey Demarcus Gardhigh beat the man at a residence on South Central Avenue in Lindale in front of two young children. He is charged with aggravated battery and two counts of cruelty to children.

According to a press release from the Floyd County Police Department, the call first came in as a shooting. Police learned it was not a shooting but the victim had a serious head injury as a result of the assault.

Gardhigh is also facing charges in connection with an incident that happened on Gibbons Street in October.

According to warrants and reports, Gardhigh pushed and knocked a woman to the ground in front of three children.

He is charged with simple battery and three counts of cruelty to children in connection with that incident. Gardhigh is being held without bond.