Local Wheelchair Racer Injured in Hit and Run

Cedartown native and champion wheelchair racer Krige Schabort was injured on Monday in a hit and run incident while out training.

The Georgia State Patrol received a call regarding the incident and Corporal Joe Stephens was the officer to respond to the scene. Stephens said that there were two witnesses to the incident.

The Polk County Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff’s Department located the two suspects. Corporal Stephens then questioned the two men and both denied driving the vehicle that hit Schabort.

The car showed evidence of being involved in an accident and the witnesses identified the men as the suspects.

The men were placed under arrest and charged with driving without a license, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to render aid.

Schabort was taken to the hospital with lacerations to the head and did require stitches, but no serious injuries were reported.

Corporal Stephens stated, “I am very thankful for the Polk County Police and Sheriff’s Departments. Without them, this might have turned out very different.”