From PSJ: Cancer survivors true heroes: Relay for Life celebrates local cancer survivors

By: Kevin Myrick (Polk County Standard Journal)

Legends of superheroes are all based on the idea that select few are given great powers, and through training and hardship learn to control them and overcome a villain of one kind or another.

Spiderman got his gifts through the bite of a radioactive arachnid, while Superman came to the planet born with his gifts because of the difference in the color of the sun.

Yet the true heroes are rarely seen on the covers of comic books, nor grace the silver screen in blockbusters. Those fighting and overcoming cancer are the ones who truly stand out on a daily basis.

Along with those who struggle alongside those who are losing that fight as well.

That’s why organizers picked a superhero theme for this year’s Polk County Relay for Life said Haley Cochran, the Community Manager for the American Cancer Society locally.

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