Floyd EMS to compete with Redmond for ambulance service, despite Redmond being contractual provider

July 1st ushered in a new era in Polk County as a private company is now operating the county ambulance service for the first time ever. Redmond EMS was chosen by the Polk County Commission in a decision that concerned many citizens in Polk County, including many current EMT’s employed by the former Polk EMS. Now Floyd EMS wants a piece of the Polk County pie. Floyd will be reportedly competing for patients in the county. According to county manager Clinton Lester, the agreement reached with Redmond means that all 911 calls will be routed to a Redmond ambulance unless a caller specifically requests a Floyd ambulance. Redmond will be providing two trucks in Cedartown and Rockmart respectively, both running 24 hours a day. Polk Medical Center, which is operated by Redmond Regional will have a 12 hour ambulance as well. Unlike Floyd County, which has split zones for the ambulance providers, Polk County has a single zone, whose primary EMS provider is Redmond.