Doyle Kelley named Cedartown head football coach and athletic director

Excited would be an understatement for Doyle Kelley, as word came Tuesday that he will be the next head football coach and athletic director for Cedartown High School.

Kelley, a teacher in the Polk School District for 31 years, says this had been a dream of his ever since he became a teacher.

“Ever since Coach John Hill hired me in 1986 to be at the position that I’ve been blessed to be at right now is a dream come true,” said Kelley during a phone interview with WGAA.

“I’ve got so many people I could thank over the years for making this possible, but I do want to thank Dr. Wetherington and the school board for giving me this opportunity.”

CHS Principal Dr. Darrell Wetherington announced to the faculty and staff through an email Tuesday afternoon of the decision to name Kelley the next head coach and athletic director.

Current head coach and AD Scott Hendrix will assume the duties of principal in January as Dr. Wetherington will become Superintendent.

Kelley said he will continue to serve as head baseball coach through at least the 2017 season and will evaluate what happens after that.

Having the community involved and excited is an aspect that Kelley says he wants to bring back.

“I want Friday nights to be special, and I want to get our community excited and on fire for Cedartown High School athletics,” said Kelley.

“I want people to look forward to Friday nights and coming to the football games. I want to make it a special time.”

Kelley’s new role will become effective in January.