Downtown storefront windows broken; police have three in custody

Ron, Bruce and Stephen Casey clean up the broken shards of glass at Holmes Clothing

Cedartown Police say they have three individuals in custody in connection with a number of broken storefront windows and a couple of broken car windows in Downtown Cedartown Wednesday night.

According to Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome, a pellet gun was recovered from a vehicle matching the description of the one involved in the incidents.

“We do have people that were definately involved in custody and we have the BB gun,” said Newsome.

The three individuals, whose identities are not known at this time, are in police custody as the investigation progresses.

A motorist driving by said that a pellet shot shattered her window while she was inside the vehicle with a small child.  Newsome says both are okay.

The window of the Price Just Right store on Main Street was also hit

“For some of these young people, it may be fun and games…it’s not fun and games for the victims,” Newsome said.

In total, five storefront windows and two car windows were shattered by the shots.

Surveillance footage from one of the businesses hit provided enough information for a BOLO.  Police located the vehicle after it returned to the scene and took the suspects in.

The three remain in custody pending additional interviews.