Court case of fatal Cedartown shooting begins

The case involving the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old Cedartown resident was in court Friday. Jeffrey Pledger died from gunshot wounds May 6th of last year. One of 4 defendants – Trenton Tyrice Williamson – entered a guilty plea to a reduced charge of conspiracy to commit robbery – a lesser charge from the original of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. A Judge recommended a sentence of 10 years – with only 3 to serve – in a bootcamp-type facility. The Judge is withholding final sentencing pending the trial of the other 3 charged in connection with the crime. The other 3 co-defendants – Chiresco Rodriques Montgomery, Eric Bernard Hightower, and Bryan Edward Williams – have trial dates scheduled for June 28th. All three face murder and firearm charges, among multiple others.