Coosa Valley counties report double digit jobless numbers

The May jobless numbers show some ups and downs in Northwest Georgia vs. April 2009. Once again, all five counties reported unemployment rates of 10 percent of more with Chattooga coming in at 13.2 percent. That actually was good news: April’s jobless rate was 13.4 percent in Summerville, Trion and other parts of the county. Bartow, Gordon and Floyd counties saw their respective jobless rates climb month over month while the percentage dropped in Polk County. But the numbers to watch is the number of people unemployed in May 2009 vs. May 2008. Thirteen months ago, 1,271 people were out of work in Polk County vs. 2,279 last month, a 79.3 percent increase. May’s 9.7 percent jobless rate in the state of Georgia set another record.