City to accept bids for CDBG funded sewer infrastructure improvements

The bid process will be underway this Wednesday for a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant project to repair dilapidated sewer lines in the Goodyear Village area of Cedartown.

Cedartown City Manager Bill Fann said that once the bidding period is completed, he hopes to see the project underway within a month’s time.

“We have alot of issues with inflow and infiltration from ground water into the sewer system,” said Fann.

“We’re treating rain water and we don’t need to be treating rain water.  We’re hoping to fix some of those issues with this project and it will also replace sewer lines on four or five streets over there in some of the older sections of town.”

The infrastructure improvements for the west end of town are the first of many projects planned for the Goodyear Mill Village and surrounding area.

“We’ve got some exciting things still coming up,” Fann explained in speaking on the future plans for reuse and redevelopment on the west end of town.

“We’re looking at some options for use of the Goodyear Park for another recreational facility in the future, and beyond this sewer project, we’re already preparing an application for 2017 CDBG grants to expand further on this sewer project.”

Fann told Cedartown City Commissioners during Monday’s regular meeting that about six different firms have expressed interest in the projects and believes the bidding process will be highly competitive.