City of Cedartown unveils new digital brand logo; new website rolled out

Cedartown, Ga. – August 15, 2017: The City of Cedartown has unveiled a digital brand logo and announced a redesign of their website,

The digital brand logo will be visible on the City’s communication channels, including their website, social media pages, YouTube channel and traditional media releases. “We are very excited about this new, modern logo that will be front and center as we continue our efforts of keeping our residents informed and engaged with their city government,” said Aimee H. Madden, Public Information Officer for the City of Cedartown. “It is important to keep in mind that this digital logo will not replace the City’s current seal, which will still be used for official documents. The new digital logo is a way to keep up with the times, create visual recognition across all of our communication channels and present a sharp, fun, and modern look for the City.”

The new design was created in-house by the City, with no outside cost. The logo features clean lettering in two shades of green, and a simple integrated tree design. “In brainstorming the design, we wanted something that was easily recognizable across all types of media – promotional items like pens or pencils, all the way up to larger items like billboards. In today’s logo design standards, the less busy the better. We felt this design was a way to bring attention back to our very early history of being named by the Cherokee as “Valley of the Cedars.” When you think of cedar trees, you think of nature, you think of the color green. That’s how we came up with this design.”

In anticipation of the digital brand reveal, the City also redesigned their website. “Our website was designed to integrate with the new logo and offer simplicity to our web visitors looking for information. For comparison, the old site, built in 2014, featured more than 35 different pages.

The new site is clean, fast and easier to navigate with only 18 pages. However, there is much more information on the new site than the previous one,” Madden said.

New to the site is a color-coded calendar that residents can access to check the rental availability of the City’s facilities. A link to the City’s most “frequently asked questions” page is included on the site’s home page, along with new resident information and a guide to help folks plan their visit to Cedartown. “We were going for simple yet informational and I think we achieved that,” Madden said.

“We pride ourselves on the ability we have to connect with our residents through technology. Our Facebook page has more than 4,700 followers, our Twitter account has more than 470 followers, our YouTube channel has 82 videos that have garnered more than 20,000 views, we have a monthly newsletter that reaches several hundred people and our website averages 80,000 views annually. Our residents want information from their government, and we’re always looking for ways to provide it to them.”