Cedartown Man Arrested for Kidnapping

           A Cedartown man has been arrested for his involvement in the taking of a 13 year old. According to police, Israel Pablo, 19, of Cedartown, Georgia was arrested and charged with interfering with custody, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, statutory rape, child molestation, and false imprisonment.

            According to police reports, a father and daughter were at their residence located in the Willis Community Trailer Park, on Saturday evening, when the daughter went outside, but never returned.

            The father received a call from the girl at approximately 9:30 pm, and she spoke at a whisper telling him that she had been kidnapped by “two men in a white van” who claimed that the kidnapping was retribution for something done at work.

            Cedartown Assistant Police Chief Jamie Newsome began calling for help from local, state, and national agencies believing that an abduction had taken place. After further investigation and searching, it was revealed that there was no kidnapping, but the story was a cover for the suspect who was “taking the girl off.”

            The suspect was apprehended, and the girl was recovered. The suspect remains in the Polk County jail on numerous charges.

            AC Newsome would like to thank the Polk County Police Department, the United States Marshalls, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the Cedartown Fire Department.