Body of missing boater on Weiss Lake found

CEDAR BLUFF, ALA (WEIS) – The body of an Adairsville, Georgia fisherman who went missing after he was thrown from his bass boat late Tuesday evening, has been recovered. Rescue workers recovered 67 year old Jerry Coker from Weiss Lake at 6:14 Saturday morning. Coker was found next to a boyou in the area where he was last seen. Coker was thrown from his boat after apparently striking what is believed to have been a submerged log. According to Cherokee County Coroner Don Rogers the official cause of death will be drowning. Crews from the Cherokee County Rescue Squad, Piedmont Rescue Squad, Cedar Bluff Fire Department, Personnel from the Centre Fire Department, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, Cedar Bluff Police, Cherokee EMS, air units from Lifeforce and the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department all assisted in the recovery efforts. A specially trained search dog unit from the Huntsville Emergency Services was also called to the scene on Thursday to assist as well.