Block Party tonight; roads close tomorrow starting at 6:15

The 15th annual Cedartown 5K Race and Wheelchair Training Camp is this week and preparations are well underway for the plethora of activities planned during the event.

With the athletes arriving yesterday, Cedartown residents will be able to welcome them to town tonight during a “Meet the Athletes” Block Party in downtown Cedartown.

Prior Street will be blocked for thru traffic beginning in the 5 o’clock hour, with the Block Party getting underway at 6 pm.

On race day, Cedartown Police will be closing a number of streets that will be affected by the race course.

6:15 – 8:15 PM

  • Peek Forest Park (no automobile access to the park from College Street, Jule Peek Avenue, or Thornton Avenue)
  • College Street – between Girard Ave. and Jule Peek Ave.
  • Intersections of Martha Lane and College St. & Columbia Ave. and College St.

6:45 – 8:15 PM

  • College Street – from Girard Ave. to College Cir.
  • College Cir. – from College St. to John Hand Rd.
  • John Hand Rd. – from College Cir. (west) to John Phillips Rd. (east)
  • Lakeview Dr. – from John Hand Rd. to John Phillips Rd.
  • John Phillips Rd. – from John Hand Rd. to Main St.
  • All of Lakeside Dr. – from John Phillips Rd. to College St.
  • All of George West Rd.
  • Marshall St. – from George West Rd. to Lakeside Dr.
  • Martha Lane

Cars wishing to travel East or West between Cave Spring Rd. and Main St. near the race course should use Girard Ave. or Cherokee Rd.

If anyone has an emergency and must leave the race course area during those hours, they are asked to call 911 and a police officer will escort them outside the race course closings.