Dawgs Fight to the End; Come Out on Top

        It wasn’t, by any stretch, an easy win for the Cedartown Bulldogs, but perhaps it was the most rewarding. On a night where the team tried on many occasions to let Cartersville escape town with a win, the athleticism and determination of the Dawgs prevailed.

        After going up 6-0 early in the second quarter, the Dawgs went flat. A field goal to close out the first half allowed Cartersville to cut the deficit in half with 6-3 score.

        The second half brought plenty of adversity for Cedartown, as the team had trouble holding on to the football. On the opening possession of the third quarter, the Dawgs failed to get a first down. A mishandled punt gave Cartersville the ball at Cedartown’s 30 yard line. Cartersville would capitalize and take a 10-6 lead.

        In the fourth quarter, the Hurricanes were attempting to put the game away with one more touchdown. However, the Canes fumbled at the five and gave the Dawgs the ball and more importantly, new life.

        The Dawgs drove down the field and punched in a touchdown with a 5 yard run by Nick Chubb.

        Cartersville got the ball back and started moving, but a fumble recovery by Marquis Thomas ended any hopes of a comeback. Cedartown scored again on a 7 yard carry by Nick Chubb, making the final score 18-10 in the Dawgs favor.

        Cedartown finished with 336 total yards; 301 came on the ground. The Dawgs fumbled six times and lost four, but somehow still found a way to win.

        Cedartown will travel to Murray County this Friday to wrap up the region schedule.