Veterans Park fountain destroyed

Cedartown, Ga. – February 12, 2018– A large fountain located at the Cedartown Veterans Park was recently pushed off its base and overturned in an obvious act of vandalism.

Cedartown Parks, Cemeteries and Recreation Director Lee Hayes received information on Friday, Feb. 9, that the fountain had been overturned. Arriving on the scene, Hayes found the fountain lying on its side surrounded by chunks of broken concrete. It was unclear as to what time the criminal damage took place. Currently there are no suspects.

Cedartown City Manager Bill Fann was sickened by the act of destruction. “It’s upsetting anytime public property is destroyed by an intentional crimial act, but to have this park vandalized – a park that is set aside to honor those that served and gave their lives to protect this country – is inexcusable. It takes a sorry person to destroy something set aside to honor veterans and currently members of the U.S. military.”

Cedartown Police are turning to residents to help shed light on the person or persons responsible for the damage. If you have any information to share, please contact the Cedartown Police Department at 770-748-4123.