Search suspended for missing Polk County elderly woman

After three days of searching, the large scale operation of locating a missing 83-year-old woman from the Dugdown Road area has been suspended. However, authorities say the investigation is still active and ever-chaning.
According to a Facebook post from the Polk County Police Department:
As of 17:45, the Command Post set up at Dugdown Baptist Church has been terminated. After three days of searching with over two hundred plus trained emergency service personnel and volunteers, we have located no sign of Mrs. McCray.
Search parties combed over two thousand meters of mountainous terrain, train tracks, buildings, and from above, with no sighting of Mrs. McCray. This search effort was very organized, and meticulous, with no area left uncovered.
We pulled resources from State and Local jurisdictions to include Helicopters, Drones, and watercraft.
The investigation, which has been ongoing this entire time, is still active and everchanging.
We will continue to work this case until we have exhausted every lead possible.
We would like to thank the community (people who have volunteered, brought food / drinks), and all of the other agencies who assisted us. We are forever grateful for your help.
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Bowman (#810) at (678) 246-5107.