Qualified Candidates For Local Office

The Polk County Board of Elections has released the names of candidates who have qualified for the July 31st primary and November Election.

  • Sheriff:
    • Democratic Candidates: J. Kelly McLendon (Incumbent)
    • Republican Candidates: Michael McGee, Johnny S. Moats, Randy C. Stewart & Mike Sullivan
  • Tax Commissioner:
    • Democratic Candidates: Kathy M. Cole
    • Republican Candidates: Dorothy C. Wood (Incumbent) & Mike Hogg
  • County Commission District I:
    • Republican Candidates: Billy Croker & Cleve Hartley (Incumbent)
  • County Commission District 2:
    • Republican Candidates: Ray Barber, Scott McCray, Howard Smith & Ricky Clark (Incumbent)
  • County Commission District 3:
    • Republican Candidates: Stefanie Drake Burford & Larry Lamar Reynold (Incumbent)
  • Board of Education District 3:
    • Democratic Candidates: Tim Turner (Incumbent)
    • Republican Candidates: Scottie Worthington
  • Board of Education District 6:
    • Republican Candidates: Harold L. McDurmon
  • Coroner:
    • Republican Candidates: Lester “Trey” Litesey III (Incumbent)
  • Surveyor:
    • Democratic Candidates: W. Vann Angel (Incumbent)
  • Chief Magistrate:
    • Republican Candidates: Jean Crane (Incumbent)
  • Probate Judge:
    • Republican Candidates: Bobby Berskey & Linda H. Smith
  • Clerk of Superior Court:
    • Republican Candidates: Sheila Wells (Incumbent)

The deadline to qualify for office was Friday, May 25th, 2012 at 12:00PM.