Polk School District Modifies Dress Code

       The Polk School Board of Education has made some last minute modifications to the dress code before students return to school on January 3rd.

       At the monthly meeting last Tuesday, Chairman Grady McCrickard made a move to rescind the entire dress code. The chairman said, “From the very concept, I have been opposed to this.”

       McCrickard’s motion failed 5-4, and was followed by a move to approve the dress code with the strikethroughs made by the school board attorney.

       That motion passed 6-2, with Holbrooks, Sproull, Berry, Turner, Fairel, and Thaxton voting for, and McCrickard and Sanders voting against. Tara O’Neal abstained from the vote.

       Changes regarding graphics, designer logos, and patches are among the modification. A complete format of the dress code can be found on the Polk School District website.

       In an interview, Superintendent Marvin Williams stated “This board has listened and is willing to do what is best for the students and parents. Therefore, this is the dress code policy. We will enforce it.”

       Director of Student Services Greg Teems said, “We want to come back on January 3rd and focus on learning.”